Please note the below arrangements for Communion & Confirmation now depend on an announcement to be made today Fri 18th Sept by the Government.

Confirmation tickets are now available, email:

Please read all of this carefully

Confirmation and First Communion will take place in the Parish of Francis Street in the month of September.
There will be 4 separate celebrations for Confirmation and 3 separate celebrations for First Communion. There will be children from all 3 schools at each of these celebrations.

The Archbishop has given permission for these celebrations to take place provided all regulations relating to COVID 19 are adhered to. We will adhere to the regulations in full. A deep clean of the church will be done before each celebration, ensuring that the building is safe. I must ask all who are attending to abide by the regulations as set out here and to follow all instructions given by the stewards on the day. Please read all of this section and not simply the dates for the ceremonies.

Because of COVID 19 these sacraments cannot be celebrated the way we have done in the past. A maximum of 50 can attend any church celebration but that number has to include the priest, ministers,  & stewards.

For First Communion and Confirmation only the parents and child will be able to attend. If the sponsor for confirmation is someone other than a parent, the parents will stand in for the sponsor on the day. The sponsors name will go in the records, but they will not be able to attend the ceremony.

Each family will receive a ticket for the child and parents only. You will be asked to write your mobile phone numbers on the ticket before arriving at the church. This is for the purpose of Contact Tracing. If your child is making Confirmation, you will also fill in the name of the sponsor. The tickets for Confirmation will be available from Monday 10 August. To get your tickets please email:
Tickets for Communion will be distributed through the schools.

You must have these tickets with you when you arrive to the church. You will be asked to take your seats immediately you arrive to the church. There should be no moving around or meeting up with other people, either in the church grounds or in the church itself. Everyone will be asked to sanitise their hands when they come into the church. Everyone will be asked to use a mask which will be supplied.

For Communion, no one should be wearing gloves, as everyone will be asked to receive communion in the hand. This is the only safe way to do so. To further ensure your safety, you will be asked to stay in your seat for communion. We will come to you. Myself and the minister will be wearing masks while giving Holy Communion and we will sanitise our hands again before doing so.

You will be leaving the church by a different door to the one you came in. Please remain in your seats until the stewards direct you to the exit you are to use. On your way out you will have the opportunity to sanitise your hands again.

There will be no photography in the church or in the church grounds either during or before or after the ceremonies. This is to maintain Social Distancing, which is absolutely essential for everyone's safety.

All of the celebrations will be simplified to ensure that we will not be in the church for too long a time. I will not be rushing the ceremonies but I am conscious that the longer we spend together the greater the risk.

Please note, there will be no parking in the church grounds. If it is a rainy day, please bring an umbrella. As we have to maintain Social Distancing it will not be possible to shelter in the church porch.


First Communion

Monday 07 September at 10.30am (names here)

Monday 14 September at 10.30am (names here)

Monday 21 September at 10.30am (names here)


Thursday 03 September at 10.30am (names here)

Thursday 10 September at 10.30am (names here)

Thursday 17 September at 10.30am (names here)

Thursday 24 September at 10.30am (names here)



First Communion Names for Monday 07 September

Ellie Sue Curtis,
Lena Paruszewski Parra, Libby O'Reilly
Bella O'Brien,
 Tyler Akerejola, Roman Barry, Carter Birrell O'Rourke,
Alfie Boylan, Kayden Bradley, Brian Comerford, Flavio Benedetto Santoiemma


First Communion Names for Monday 14 September

Lucy Hand, Maci Mooney, Maddie Burke Little,
Amelia-Lily Fullam,
Madison Dunne, Maisie Reddin, Maisy Long,
Harlow McGrath
Poppy Ann Lawlor,
Charlie Delaney, Bobbi Hawthorn, Brody Howe,
Jayden Kelly, Stephen Khedri

First Communion Names For Monday 21 September

Megan Martin, Mia Keogh, Ruby O'Connor,
Saoirse Magee McKenna, Lisa Mihoc,
Anna Mai Redmond,
Rylan McGrath, Carl McNamara, Leon Noonan Travers,
Kayden O'Donnell, Reuben Quinn, Ryan Spearing.

Confirmation Names for Thursday 03 September

Iona Aykroyd, Alexia Barabas, Lucy Conroy, Cailum Conroy, Ella Curran,
 Cian O'Reilly, Jack Birrell, Callum Butler, Gabriel De Col Alves De Lima, Oliver Zborowski
Abigail Doran, Abigail O'Keefe, Zoe Kiernan


Confirmation Names for Thursday 10 September

Chloe Dardis, Allie Forde, Torrie Hinchon, Lucy Kavanagh,
Jack Byrne, Kaylum Byrne, Dean Browne,
Calum Curtis, Mason Donovan, Evan Duff,
Lacey Warren, Jorja King Byrne , Milly Walsh


Confirmation Names for Thursday 17 September

Katie Keogh, Hanna May, Ruby McNamara, Kaitlin Murphy,
Kerim Fullam, Kieran Keogh, Jake Langley, Colin Garibaldi
Callum Lawlor, Jack Lee, Pietro Belo
Millie Thompson, Cameron Malone, Nikita Twomey


Confirmation Names for Thursday 24 September

Ellie Stevenson, Natalie Ossowska, Ewelina Paldyna
Calum Lennox, Michael Mongan, Harvey Murtagh,
Bobby Atkinson, Jack Smithers, Rocco Carroll Roche,
Emilija Ivanauskaite-McEvoy, Ellie O'Neill,
Mia O'Connor, Aba Wuddah, Skaiste Cirinavicute









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