Abattez mes branches
sciez-moi en morceaux
les oiseaux continuent ŗ chanter
dans mes racines

Anise Koltz













In a world where every time we turn on the News we discover some new atrocity, itís difficult to be filled with Hope. Yet thatís precisely what Advent is all about - preparing for the fulfilment of all Godís Hope and Dream. Itís not just about being ready to celebrate the 25th of December; but being ready for the Coming of Christ when all of Godís Hope and Dream will be fulfilled. Godís Hope and Dream centre around humankind. In Godís Dream, there is no Christian, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim or Jew. There is no black, white, man, woman, rich, poor, disabled or able. There are simply People, who because they are made in Godís image and likeness, have no need for destructive distinctions. In Godís Dream we have no need for the one-upmanship of Belief or Religion, or Gender, Race or Economics. In Godís Dream we have all grown up and left behind any pettiness. In that Dream we have only one Need, the Need to Love, as God does, without looking for ďsomething backĒ.

Our first calling as Christians is to be people of Hope. Our job is to hope, when Hope seems impossible. Our job is to dream when the Dream seems impossible. Like Christ, we will have our moments of darkness and despair - ďMy God, My God, why have you abandoned me?Ē But with his strength, given to us through the love and compassion of our community, we too will be able to say, ďInto your hands I commit my SpiritĒ. For Christ, that meant doing the unthinkable, facing death and destruction. For us too, it means doing the unthinkable - living each day as if the Dream had already been fulfilled. What does that mean? Responding to hatred with kindness. Responding to hurt with compassion and forgiveness. Responding to the injustices of life with Optimism and Hope. Being a source of hope, joy, love and compassion, in particular for those who feel bereft of hope, joy, love and compassion. How? In the same way Christ did. Make time for people, for family, for friends and for those who are neither family nor friends. Spend time talking, eating, drinking, celebrating, and mourning when sorrow comes. Pay attention to the tiny details of our lives and recognise how important and powerful they can be as a source of Godís Hope and Dream.

Each moment of our lives contains within it the seed of Godís Hope and Dream. Itís why there are no insignificant moments in our lives. Thatís why the tiny details of our lives matter. They contain all the wonderful possibility of Godís Hope and Dream.

When we are faced with destruction and death and the terrible darkness that we, as human beings, are capable of inflicting on one another, remember the Hope, the Dream. When inexplicable injustice and unfairness comes our way, as it does, in all our lives, remember the Hope, the Dream. When joy and happiness and celebration are our lot, remember the Hope, the Dream and share it with those who find themselves in the darker corners of life. It is in the small gestures, the small kindnesses that we extend to one another that the darkness is overcome, that we say with Christ, ďInto your hands I commit my SpiritĒ and it is then that Godís Hope and Dream become reality. This is NOT the ďimpossible dreamĒ, because with God EVERYTHING is POSSIBLE!

Fr. Martin



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