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cross and resurrection

Holy Week - a real journey

Taking a trip at this time of the year has become very popular. With the freezing cold and lashing rain—who wouldn’t be tempted. A little bit of sun, sea and sand to brighten up your life.

Of course at this time of the year there is another journey that we are all invited to go on—sun, sea and sand can’t be guaranteed.. But what is guaranteed is a change of life. Holy Week is a time when we are invited go on an inner journey, which can be every bit as rewarding, exciting and exhausting as any other journey we might take.

You will of course need a passport—not a paper one. The passport for Holy Week is an open heart and an open mind. Without this passport we won’t get beyond the borders of our own little lives. And that’s the whole point of travel, to go beyond our present borders. We often hear people say, having visited a place they weren’t familiar with, how impressed they were, or how it made them see things differently. Holy Week is designed to give us a different view of things. It takes us on a journey with Christ. We feel the exhilaration of Palm Sunday, when he was cheered and fated by the crowds. There is the incredible intimacy of a last meal with his friends and then the gut wrenching feeling of betrayal by one of his own. A dreadful feeling of unfairness and injustice in a trial that was nothing more than a “set up” follows. The hour of darkness and despair comes for his friends when death seems to have smashed and destroyed a beautiful life.

In our wildest dreams we could not have imagined that this life story was not ended. Could it possibly be true, that beyond the grave, there was another chapter, greater and more surprising that any twist in any book we’ve ever read.

This life story of a man who came from a “nowhere” town, with disciples, who barely understood him or what his life meant, has now become our life story. His journey is now our journey, if we have the courage to make it. I want to invite you, not to come to the Holy Week Ceremonies but instead, to enter into the Holy Week Ceremonies just as Jesus entered into Jerusalem and the final days of his life. Come with an open heart and mind and allow God to surprise you; to help you find in what is familiar, something that is new and unfamiliar and perhaps challenging. Jesus’ life as a human being was not greatly different from ours. What was spectacularly different about how he lived his life, was the way he responded to it. Come this week and be open to the “surprise”.



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