Well, at long last the new school building for St. Brigid's, The Coombe has finally been completed. After 120 years in the old building, the teachers moved lock, stock and barrel into the new building on Friday 2nd May 2008.
The last day in the old building for the students was Thursday 1st May. At the morning assembly special prayers of thanksgiving were said for the good life enjoyed in the old building. It was a time to remember all the teachers and students who over 120 years studied and worked in the building. There was also great excitement at the prospect of finally getting their hands on the new school building.
Anyone who has ever moved home knows just how traumatic an experience it can be. Can you imagine moving an entire school - not for the feint hearted! But perhaps what makes this move even more traumatic is the fact that 120 years of history is coming to end and a new history is about to be created.
That's why it is very difficult to understand why the Department of Education is insisting on holding a general inspection of the school right at this particular time. They were asked to postpone this but refused. Maybe I'm a bit simple, but I thought the Department of Education was there to facilitate teachers in doing their job. But it seems they are more interested in "their system" than the education of our children.
However, the teachers are determined to settle the children in and to celebrate this new beginning in spite of the dysfunctional attitude of the Department of Education. We all wish them well and they can be sure of our whole hearted support.

Fr. Martin Dolan
May 2008














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