The CARI Foundation is a registered charity founded in 1989. Their primary aim is to provide a professional, child centred therapy and counselling service to children, families, and groups who have been affected by child sexual abuse.

Alongside this they aim to provide the most up to date education and information service for children, adults and professionals on the dynamics of child sexual abuse, and, moreover, to raise public and political awareness of these issues. As a non-governmental organisation they operate on a not-for-profit basis ensuring that their services are accessible, regardless of a client's means or situation.


The Children At Risk in Ireland Foundation was set up to provide therapy for children and adolescents affected by the issue of sexual abuse. Services available include:

Child and adolescent psychotherapy/counselling.

Advice Appointments for parents and carers in need of crisis counselling with regard to a young person in their care who has been affected by sexual abuse.

Ongoing support for parents and carers of children and adolescents affected by sexual abuse.

Therapeutic support to children, up to 12 years of age, who have engaged in inappropriate sexual behaviour.



"CARI depends on continuing public support to ensure that our vital work with children and families can continue and grow. A main therapy centre like those in Limerick and Dublin can cost up to 300,000 per annum, the majority of which must come from sources outside CARI.

We also rely on volunteer assistance and active fundraising to allow us to continue to provide a wide range of services for those who need them."
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