Sr. Nora was from Berrings, Co. Cork where she was born on June 1st 1924. She was one of a large family where the faith was strong and a major influence in the lives of the young O’Herlihys as they grew up. Nora and her sisters Joan (Sr. Evangelista, who predeceased her by a few years) and their younger sister Angela travelled the long distance from Co. Cork to the boarding school in Holy Faith Convent, Glasnevin where she found her vocation to be a Holy Faith Sister. She entered in 1942 and was professed in 1945. From the beginning of her religious life she had a strong desire to spread the love and knowledge of God wherever she went. That desire was fulfilled when after completing her training as a primary school teacher and some teaching experience, she was sent to Trinidad. The missionary spirit defined Nora’s whole life, whether in Trinidad, later on as a member of the Holy Faith mission to New Zealand or in the many houses and schools in Ireland where she ministered after her return from the missions.

Nora was an avid reader and had an enquiring mind. She liked nothing better than a good discussion on religious matters, whether inside or outside the community - wherever she got a listening ear! She was a great lover of Art and of Nature in which she delighted. Her enthusiasm for the lovelier things of life influenced all she met. On
hearing of her death one of our neighbours remarked “no one knows the good she did by reaching out to so many people.” She also had the courage of her convictions and did not hesitate to ask people how they felt about God and what place He had in their lives. Her life was not just talk, but action too - bringing Holy Communion to the housebound, involvement with the Legion of Mary and more recently helping Chinese priests and students with English in Myra House, Francis Street. She had a very generous nature and was anxious to share her gifts with those who needed help in any field. Loyalty was important to her, especially in her friendships.

Nora was no stranger to pain and suffering, especially in her latter years. She did not become embittered but became more sensitive to the sufferings and problems of others. Her great love of Scripture was a source of strength to her in her life of prayer, as was her strong devotion to the Blessed Trinity.

It was a fitting conclusion to a life of generous service that Sr. Nora received her call to her reward on Good Friday, April 14th 2006 at the time of the afternoon celebration of the Passion. It is not difficult to imagine the Lord saying “well done, good and faithful servant; this day you will be with me Paradise.” Nora was almost 82 years old and last year celebrated the 60th Jubilee of her profession as a Holy Faith Sister. Her dearly loved family shared in that celebration with her. She has left us a noble example. May she rest in peace.

April 2006



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