The Church of St Nicholas of Myra is now open on Saturdays for 6pm Mass and Sunday for 11.30am Mass. We are also open on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 10am Mass. The church will open 30 minutes before each mass. The maximum number of people permitted to attend is 50. This has to include the priest, the sacristan, ministers and stewards. Download Info about church opening

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At the moment the Church of St. Nicholas of Myra, is open only for Religious Services. Because of the COVID 19 Pandemic it is not possible to allow visitors to have access to the church. Even when it is open for Services all the regulations concerning COVID 19 have to be complied with. Anyone coming into the church must sanitise their hands. Social Distancing means only a third of the seats in the church can be used. People may sit only in seats that are not marked with a yellow sticker. When sitting in the seat they must sit at either end of the seat. Everyone is asked to wear a mask, except those who have a medical condition that prevents them from doing so. A total of 50 people are allowed attend any one Service. This number has to include the priest, as well as all staff and volunteers.

The church is cleaned regularly and is also deep cleaned twice a week to make the building safe to use. Entry to and exit from the church are by separate doors. At the exits there is the facility to sanitise one's hands again and everyone is strongly urged to do so. In the grounds of the church and within the church there are floor markings to help people maintain Social Distancing as well as making it clear which direction people may move in.

Direct entry to the sacristy is no longer permitted. All are asked where possible to conduct their business with the sacristan by phone or email. A bell has been place on the outer door so that if someone has urgent business they may speak with the sacristan, but they must stand at the line which is two metres from the door.

All of this means we have had to adjust how we celebrate Mass and other Services, so that people do not spend too long a time in the church. We can no longer use the building in the ways we use to. For example the lighting of shrine candles is no longer possible, because to do so, having used a sanitiser with 70% alcohol could be dangerous. It feels inconvenient and difficult at times, but we all understand the necessity for these regulations. By following these procedures we ensure that the virus is suppressed and that we protect the most vulnerable in our community. It would make no sense for a Christian Community to do otherwise.

So you can see, although we have had a strong tradition of welcoming visitors to our beautiful church, it really isn't possible at the moment. We look forward to the time, when it will be possible to celebrate our Liturgies more as we use to and to welcome visitors to our church. For now we ask your understanding and we keep all  prayerfully in our hearts.

Fr. Martin


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