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Wednesday 01 April

John 8:31-42

To the Jews who believed in him Jesus said: ‘If you make my word your home you will indeed be my disciples, you will learn the truth and the truth will make you free.’ They answered, ‘We are descended from Abraham and we have never been the slaves of anyone; what do you mean, “You will be made free”?’ Jesus replied: ‘I tell you most solemnly, everyone who commits sin is a slave. Now the slave’s place in the house is not assured, but the son’s place is assured. So if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed. I know that you are descended from Abraham; but in spite of that you want to kill me because nothing I say has penetrated into you. What I; for my part, speak of is what I have seen with my Father; but you, you put into action the lessons learnt from your father.’ They repeated, ‘Our father is Abraham.’ Jesus said to them: ‘If you were Abraham’s children, you would do as Abraham did. As it is, you want to kill me when I tell you the truth as I have learnt it from God; that is not what Abraham did. What you are doing is what your father does.’ ‘We were not born of prostitution,’ they went on ‘we have one father: God.’ Jesus answered: ‘If God were your father, you would love me, since I have come here from God; yes, I have come from him; not that I came because I chose, no, I was sent, and by him.’


The gospel of John is rightly known as the gospel of love but it is in some ways also the gospel of conflict. Someone once said the path of true love never runs smooth. In John's gospel the very proclamation of true love seems to anger people. True love requires honesty, True love requires the Truth and sometimes we find it hard to face the Truth. Jesus was and is the Truth and it's our relationship with him and through him our relationship with the Father, that sets us free. Sin on the other hand takes away freedom and makes us slaves. What is sin? It is not the same as "sins". What we have traditionally called sins, that is, the nasty things we do to each other are symptoms of sin. Sin is to live for oneself at the expense of everyone and everything else. It's when we no longer own our possessions or position in life but when they own us. We live in a world that sees personal success as the great goal. The world of Jesus, is a world where "our" is more important than "mine". When Jesus spoke of being 'sent' by the Father, he was not speaking of being 'pushed' unwillingly into something. It was his relationship of love with the father that was his driving force. To be truly free is to be as he was, driven by Love. And when that happens, we find ourselves responding to people and situations not because we have have to, but because we truly want to. The freedom that Love brings gives us instinctively a new and very different vision of life. What the 'Jews' saw as freedom, that is, being descendants of Abraham was not freedom because it was no more than adherence to law and tradition. True Love is always Truthful, though to some it may seem incredibly foolish. Jesus was accused of being foolish, accused of being insane. On "April fool's Day", it's a foolishness and insanity I gladly embrace, because that foolishness and insanity leads to unstinting generosity and love, as we have witnessed in so many ways at this incredibly difficult time. This is no time for  'mé féin'. Only the Freedom and Foolishness of God's love will suffice.

Song for the day God's Own Fool sung by Michael Card

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